Purpose of Defeat

I’m sure everyone can remember getting a test back. The time when teachers call names or walk around the room placing pieces of paper, which some people feel will affect their lives, whilst others simply don’t place too much importance on their results. There are those who hyperventilate but also those who don’t breathe. You bring up the paper as close as you can to your face so that the person sitting next to you can’t read it. You either let out a sigh of relief, happy with your mark or emit a groan, disappointed with the mark you got.

Many people focus on the victories in life. They look at getting a job or a perfect score in a test. They look at beautiful views that they feel they have earned. But life isn’t all about victories. The time where someone else got a job you thought should have been yours. The time you failed a test or for some people with high standards the time they ‘only’ got 65%.

I think that many of what we consider the “defeats” in our lives can often be used to push us towards greater victories. We might put more effort into studying for the test or be more prepared as we apply for that next job. It is only rarely where defeats will be the end of your life. Often defeat can lead you to a greater victory if you are prepared to put the effort in.


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