Purpose of the Feet: Taking Things for Granted


When was the last time you noticed your feet? In case you don’t know or haven’t used them in a while, they are the things at the very bottom of your body. In my observations in my life, I feel like I don’t really value my feet. Now while not valuing your feet might sound normal I believe there is a reason to value them. I have participated in several long walks, one of which was 100km across five days. My feet performed a whole heap of roles. They kept me balanced so I didn’t fall over and each step involved them moving.

Now I feel that feet aren’t the only things that many people take for granted. There is the wifi, the mobile telephone, food on their plates, decent healthcare, the right to vote and religious freedom. The country I live in suffers from many first world problems, but we often forget about the people who live with less than two dollars a day or those who don’t get to choose their religion or have a say in who rules their country.

The next time you think of your feet, be grateful, not everyone has them. But also take the time to think about some other stuff you take for granted that other people around the world don’t have.


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