To celebrate one month of blogging, I’m going to allow my blog to be searchable by search engines. I’m trying to write about something that is relevant to me in the hope that it will be relevant to someone else.

How often is the cry “why do I have to [insert task here]?” heard in homes? Growing up, there were times when I really did not want to wash the dishes, tidy my room or do some other task that my parents wanted me to do. There were times when I completed the task willingly but there were also times when I grumbled. Apparently I’ve even claimed I was Cinderella being mistreated by my wicked immediate family (not necessarily in those words, but they meant the same thing).

But there are times I can remember willingly stacking the dishwasher to help my parents or getting on with tidying my room even when Mum wasn’t watching. More recently I had the privilege of serving at a “cafe” my church ran. I was helping in the kitchen and I washed up a lot of things. I enjoyed it and I think some of that came from the fact that I was choosing to wash those piles of dishes. About a week ago I was helping to clear up after a fundraiser. I was sweeping doughnut crumbs up off the floor (after other people had eaten them off a string). One person made a comment which I found quite interesting. Here it is: “your job was to do that?” I get where this person was coming from but I had been viewing my job as an opportunity to help others and stay out of the mess of the apple (in water) and marshmallow (in flour) bob (which I did end up helping to clean up).

These two incidents have helped me realise that circumstances and the reason why you’re doing things can make a difference to how you are feeling even to the most disgusting jobs. The fact that I got to choose to do those jobs to help other people affected my attitude. I’ll need to remember that next time I’m tidying up. Maybe you’ll remember it too.


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