The Way We See Ourselves

imageFrom what I have seen in my life and the lives of those around me, our lives are being increasingly shaped by another person’s life. Whilst I suppose this has been true throughout history, the rise of social media and the internet has made it easier to see and copy the lives of those around us.

With the prevalence of social media, our minds are constantly bombarded by images from around the world. These images come in many forms. Whether they be ads saying ‘I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks’ or ‘scientists discover natural plant which will shed your kilos’. They may also be the images our feeds are filled with. Selfies and images depicting before and after shots which leave many people wishing that their bodies were ‘perfect’. Little do they realise that the definition of beauty is constantly changing. What is in one decade is out the next. The ancient Romans prized being fat because it was a sign of wealth. More recently the hour glass figure, which many actresses had in the mid 1900s, was a sign of beauty. The image of health presented by many diet plans is often of people so thin that their ribs show and with bulging muscles. People who are a perfectly healthy weight see themselves as fat. Seemingly overnight “normal” was seen as fat.

I can’t deny that like many others I have struggled with the idea of body image and not being ‘right’. Over the years I have become satisfied with who I am. Yet I’m sure that there are many people around the world who still aren’t satisfied with the way that they look. They feel like they are ‘wrong’ but to everyone else they are ‘right’.

I think every person in the world will never be satisfied with who they are because of the fact that we see ourselves compared to someone else. Some people can inspire us to greatness whilst there are some people who knock us down. We can feel ‘in’ or ‘out’ depending on how we are treated. It is important to learn the difference between the trash and the treasure of what has been said to us and take the right things to heart. Each person should strive to do their best and be themselves rather than worrying what everyone around them is doing.


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