Why I’m Grateful For School


I live in a country where I have been blessed with the gift of affordable education. Many of my friends from school were not that excited. However for most of my life, I would wake up excited that I could go to school that day.

I’m sure that there were several reasons for this – even before I realised that not everyone had this opportunity.

One thing that I looked forward to in my first years of school was the crafts that the teachers chose to complement our learning. I remember in kindergarten being sad about missing a day of school because I missed out on making a clock.

In middle school I began to enjoy school for socialising with my friends and the conversations that we had. I am still friends with some of those people and enjoyed the time I had to speak to them virtually every day of the week.

However throughout school I have loved learning. This was a gift even when I didn’t enjoy the topics we studied in English or science, I enjoyed learning more about why people created things in different ways and why the world was the way it was.

By early middle school I had begun to learn about the gift education was and often I’d just be amazed and thankful that I lived in a developed country in the 21st century where I was able to get an education. In previous centuries I would have been educated at home or not allowed to graduate even though I had done all that was required at a university.

It has taken a long time and I’m still learning however I am grateful for the opportunities that I have to learn and for the teachers who spent hours of their lives to teach me and my peers valuable skills and fun and unfun facts.


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A lover of learning who blogs about history, life and opinions at thoughtstudent.wordpress.com
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