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Nationalism is the belief that a group of people with similar beliefs or of a similar race or culture should belong to the same nation. Nationalism can have both positive and negative consequences. A positive consequence of nationalism is national pride. This is shown during the evacuation of Dunkirk in the Second World War. Hundreds of boats belonging to both the navy and civilians were quickly assembled and used to evacuate over 300, 000 soldiers. The British were proud of the work that their soldiers were doing and were willing to help get them out of a tight spot. Nationalism can also lead to the development of new nations which has both positive and negative consequences. For example, because of a sense of national pride, Australia became a federated nation in 1901. However becoming a federated nation made it easier for policies such as the White Australia policy, which sought to discriminate against people of non-white backgrounds, to occur and be enforced all around the now united country. Nationalism can also have extreme negative consequences as demonstrated by Hitler’s Germany. During the Second World War, the Third Reich organised to have over 6 million Jews killed as they did not conform to their idealistic view of Aryan Germany which was based on their national pride about the nation of Germany and the people who were part of it.


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