The Stars


Stars. The word conjures up many ideas. To me the word star brings to mind several things.

The first of these is a painting. It hung at my high school. It had a Fibonacci spiral which mathematically interested me. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I have attempted to draw the spiral through the boxes that the pattern dictated. The stars were slightly irregular in shape but appeared three dimensional despite having been painted with one base colour. There was contrast in the three colours used with various shades of each. I was disappointed that I was not given the chance to help with the painting.

The second thing that I think of is the people who excel at various activities. Whether this be dancing, singing or academics. There are people who, in my opinion, have not used their ‘stardom’ well. Yet there are people who use this same ‘stardom’ for the benefit of others.

I think the best thing that the word stars brings to mind is the burning balls of gas which I can see each night in the sky. I find it amazing the light from these stars has travelled for millions of seconds and sparkle in the sky. They are so far away, yet I can see them without any assistance. They are beautiful and yet often unseen through the clouds of pollution. I’m not often outside at night, but when I am, I marvel at the beauty of the stars that I can see in the sky.


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