Why I Read


I read for many reasons. I don’t really remember a time where I didn’t read. As a passenger, regardless of the mode of transport, I was often found with my nose in a book. I’ve read from virtually every genre and liked each one to varying degrees (historical is the best in my opinion along with realistic fiction). To this day, my friends are still shocked when I tell them that I haven’t read a book. I just laugh and tell them I never finished reading through my school library. I have read classics and newer books and was constantly shocked when in high school some of my friends did not know who Anne Shirley or the Famous Five were.

In my teenage years I began reading books from self-published authors rather than those who had their works published by a well-known publisher.

I also discovered the world of the internet. I discovered Enid Blyton was dead. However I also discovered that there were authors I liked who were still writing books and I’m sure with hundreds of others I counted down the days until certain books came out (yes, one of these is ‘Go Set a Watchman’).

I eventually discovered that there were people who read books and used the public library for personal recreation on a regular basis who weren’t in my family. Before then however, I was content in who I was and what I liked. I read and travelled to fantastical worlds which would have been impossible without the stories of fairies. I spent time in ancient Rome, saw Europe changed during the Protestant reformation, watched women gain the right to vote and experienced the World Wars all from the comfort of my lounge. I have also had the pleasure of visiting people and places like they are today in various places. Historical fiction is amazing but at times it is great to just sit down with a book which tells the tale of someone not all that different from me (currently my favourite is ‘Invisible’ by Cecily Anne Paterson and is worth reading if you can track it down).

I enjoy reading and it provides me with a place to learn more about the world but also to think about why things are the way they are and think about how I can use the information I have learnt in my life and to help others.


About Thought Student

A lover of learning who blogs about history, life and opinions at thoughtstudent.wordpress.com
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