The Other Fish


I was reflecting the other day on the word ‘selfish’ and I was struck with how if you split the word in half, you could get two words – ‘self’ and ‘fish’. In some ways, the combination of words seems quite appropriate. We are often more focused on ourselves and our fish/life/[insert activity or item here] that we forget to look at and look after other people’s fish/life/[insert activity or item here].

My reflections on this word made me think of a new word – ‘otherfish’. It describes something that I should do more of. I need to be less focused on myself in order to be able to help others when they need it.

Perhaps if I become more ‘otherfish’ and less selfish, a trend will start where it will become abnormal not to be otherfish. But I feel that I’m in for a long wait.


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