A Broken Image

Broken Bridge

I was reflecting the other night on how quickly my ideas about a person I know can change. I was thinking in terms of reality TV and generally it takes just one word (spelt like this: #”!@*), even if it is ‘mild’, for them to go down on the list in my head of best people on TV.

As I thought about it further, I realised that in my head and in my opinion, the way I perceive a person can go down quite quickly, even after a small action.

I am completely wrong to be judging people, but I recognise that I myself have a broken image, even to my own eyes. I’m sure that dozens of people who know me would agree with me when I say that I am imperfect because of my actions, words and thoughts which I decided to share with the world.

I find it amazing that it only takes one thing to damage an image. It has made me realise that I need to stop to judging people for their actions and also to be careful with my own so that my relationships stay healthy because I haven’t accidentally spurted something out.


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