I wasn’t sure what to write about but then I saw the above picture. It reminded me that I had climbed up some pretty big hills recently. I’m talking about physically and emotionally.

The physical hills wore me out. Some had steps which made them a lot harder (in my opinion) and others had handrails (amazing when you don’t think you can walk another step). There were some which had a gradual incline which weren’t too bad and others with no well-marked path.

I dealt with several emotional hills which were hard. It included learning to not be too disappointed when I don’t achieve what I hoped to.

Often I don’t realise that I have hills in my life or I forget that once you reach the top of a hill the view at the top is often well worth the walk.

I’m not trying to be too positive and dismiss the fact that hills are real because I realise that they are. I’m just trying to remind myself (and maybe others) that you can reach the top of hills 99% of the time and then often be rewarded with a great view from the top and be able to see where you have come from.


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