To me, letters are a thing of beauty, capable of so much.

The way that letters look in different fonts fascinate me and I like using different fonts for different tasks. I also like trying to write letters so that they conform to my perfect proportions of letters. I rarely achieve this, but when I do it is awesome. There are some letters which I can never seem to get right (often it is an ‘e’ or the ‘x‘ in algebra) and some look right however they are drawn (like the letter ‘h’).

Letters to me also represent possibility. In what way can I form them in order to make the most sense? Will I be hailed as a genius or called mad simply because of the way I placed my letters? Can I convey my emotions to a person so that they understand what I am feeling? Is what I’m writing really worth reading? (Sometimes it really isn’t, so sorry if you think that this post really isn’t worth reading.)

However once they are written, letters run the risk of being there forever. So for me, I need to be careful with the placement of my letters so that I don’t hurt someone else. Most of the time it will be accidental so I may need to use even more letters in order to apologise. I also need to remember not to use letters to write something that I wouldn’t say to a person’s face.

Regardless of their use, letters can tell a story. Imagine if the letter ‘e’ was a person who was able to multiply itself across the world and yet maintain its memory. From this memory it could then share with us what it was used to write. What would we learn about the world?


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