I have been looking into the way that waves are formed recently. Here is a brief outline of the way that waves are formed. Out at sea, the wind blows pushing water particles against each other in an orbital motion. The orbit of particles gets bigger the closer to shore that the wave gets. Eventually the wave reaches the shore but near the shore, the sea floor is closer to the bottom of the wave. This causes the wave to break and crash. Depending on how the wind blows, the waves can do different things – build it up or wear it down.

This morning as I was reflecting on waves, I thought about how they related to life. There are many factors which blow our lives and appear to shape them. They get bigger and bigger and then they appear to crash.

The ‘wind’ in my life includes things that my family and friends tell me as well as what I hear from the media. The wind at different times can help build up the beach in my life but at others times it can cause damage. However just like on the shore at a local beach, the beach gets built back up after times of trouble.

At the moment my life is mainly the good waves that build me up but I do not doubt the fact that in the near future it will be hammered by waves that will try to break it down. These waves may not have been deliberate but that still doesn’t fix the damage until the waves improve and build the beach back up.


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