The desire to travel I feel rests deeply within many of us. For some their dreams will eventually be realised but for others they must spend their lives in books or on the internet dreaming about what life would be like in those places. Both options can be enjoyable.

Sometimes the desire to travel stems from dissatisfaction with what our lives are like. We don’t have the Eiffel Tower or the London Eye in our back yard and so want to make a trip to see them.

For some travelling allows them to see beautiful sights like the Great Barrier Reef or the Swiss Alps. Upon seeing this beauty they are able to marvel at its creation especially at the times where there is no logical explanation behind its location.

As you travel overseas, many new friendships can be formed. For some people these friendships can last a lifetime. You can gain a whole new perspective on world issues as you hear another culture’s perspective.

Many people, myself included, would love to visit Europe and see the history which still exists there. I would love to see castles and the locations where some of my relatives fought in the World Wars. Learning about the past can be interesting but it can also prevent the same mistakes from happening again.

Travel provides the opportunity for people to visit new locations, to see great beauty, make new friends and also to learn about the past.


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One Response to Travelling

  1. vajpayee04 says:

    Its true, travelling rejuvenates mind.


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