Making Noise


In this world we are constantly bombarded with noise in every waking hour. This noise comes from a variety of sources. There is the noise from technology and also the noise from people and animals.

I once lived near a train line and I spent some of my life watching trains and listening to the sounds from the station. I also regularly hear cars and motorbikes coming down the road occasionally revving off.

The technology in my house goes off at regular intervals trying to remind me that it is here and I should go look at it. Each piece from the microwave telling me my food is ready to a computer alerting me about another job I have to do.

There is also the constant bombardments of advertisements. Regardless of what the law says, I’m sure that the advertisements on TV are louder than the show and even a lot of shows are filled with product placement (my English teachers taught me well ☺). I understand that shows need to make money somehow but at times it can be annoying especially when I want to find out what will happen next on the show.

The noise in our society can come from colours. Each colour bringing forward a different message to the mind. Red bringing forward love and anger or blue emanating calmness and peacefulness.

Even the written word makes a heap of noise. Books or blog posts all state an opinion or thought. Each different one trying to persuade you to think about something as right, wrong or neutral.

Music and art can also encourage us to make a noise, to stand up to people and make our beliefs clear.

Noise has the ability to be both harmful and helpful. The constant bombardment of noise can make us do things that we wouldn’t normally do because of the pressure placed upon us. However the noise surrounding us can help alert us to problems. A fire-alarm has been installed in many houses in order to give a warning if there is a fire hopefully allowing me to get out safely. Or a dog or security alarm can provide its owner with peace of mind from intruders.

On this blog I am hoping to create a good noise which will help people with problems and maybe challenge commonly accepted problems.


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