The French Revolution and The Glorious Revolution

French Hotel and Flag

This is about a second cause of the French Revolution – the Glorious Revolution.

In 1688 Dutch prince, William of Orange (William III) and his wife Mary (Mary II) became the king and queen of England. Their claim to the throne was through that of Mary’s father, the current king at the time, James II. James II was openly Catholic and some nobles feared what would happen with a Catholic on the throne. So they looked to his Protestant daughter Mary to lead the country. William landed on November 5, 1688 in Torbay, Devon. On the 23rd of December, James II was deposed and a joint crown given to William and Mary along with a document which gave parliament more power than the ruling monarch. The time between the arrival of William in Torbay and the deposition of James became known as the Bloodless Revolution, the Revolution of 1688 and the Glorious Revolution. The Revolution virtually bloodless. The fact that the government was given more power than the king with very little death perhaps would have inspired the French that change in the controlling party of the country was possible with little death.


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