Music and What It Has Taught Me


When I was younger I used to learn several different instruments. Whilst I didn’t practise as much as I should have, the time I spent enabled me to learn to read music and also gave me many hours of enjoyment. Even today I don’t mind occasionally sitting down to play the piano just for fun.

In primary school I joined the school choir and learnt the fun of singing in a group, getting songs stuck in my head and performing on a stage.

Although strictly speaking musicals aren’t all about singing I have seen and participated in several different musicals over the course of my life.

Songs have also helped me pass school (parodying pop songs and writing short tunes to remember dates) and win competitions (I knew I learnt the American states for some purpose other than for fun😄).

However performing in various groups taught me lessons about several things and they weren’t just about music. Some of the things which I have learnt are practical for everyday life and are listed below.

  1. You need to be prepared or you’ll look silly on stage and/or annoy everyone else you are working with.
  2. Songs get stuck in your head which can be useful at times and not so useful at others. Just a single word may make you start singing a song which you learnt several years ago bringing back many memories.
  3. Your actions can have implications on other people so, generally speaking (other than in extremely exceptional circumstances), do as everyone is expecting you to do (i.e. what you practised).
  4. Practise does actually make perfect – if you do it for a decent amount of time doing the thing you are meant to do and do your best each day.
  5. You can learn to really like things even if at first they aren’t something you are too excited about.
  6. Friendships can be formed over a myriad of things and seeing the same people over a period of several weeks means you can become friends with people even if you’d barely talked to them before you began working as a group together.

Even though at first glance music might not appear to be useful in real life, I hope that I have shown you the influence that music can have on other areas of your life.


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