Sitting in the Grass


In my early days at school, some of the time we had for sport was spent sitting on the ground listening to the teacher with one ear and fiddling with one hand pulling up different grasses. I learnt some stuff about grass and what different green things growing in the ground were like. There was the ordinary grass which could be pulled apart blade by blade with each blade being smaller than the last. There was the grass which reminded me of bulrush illustrations, which if you folded the stem could be used as a single-shot weapon. There were the thin grass with a white bulb on the end. These two could be peeled. I once collected a whole bunch. There was also the invariable annoyance of stepping on a bindi which you hadn’t seen but there was also lots of fun when you found a four-leaf clover growing.

I used the cut grass in school to make a camp site with a friend and on another occasion walked through it imagining it was snow.

I lay down on grass to read, write, relax and daydream. In high school I would occasionally study outside and there were times when the teachers decided to take us outside and discuss geographical strategies in a circle on the ground.

My friends and I avoided mud and puddles in the grass caused by rain or sprinklers and used grass as equipment of annoyance.

Although it is so unassuming, like many things, grass has a myriad of uses and grows in a variety of circumstances, in some cases even when nothing else does. I could draw a parallel here about humans being tiny compared to a blue whale yet overcoming a variety of problems in many different creative ways. Oh whoops . . . I just did. Hope you enjoyed it. 😉


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1 Response to Sitting in the Grass

  1. Marta Frant says:

    And the favourite smell of most people is the smell of freshly cut grass.


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