Flowers are one of my favourite things in nature. They grow just about anywhere on just about anything. In some deserts you find them growing on cacti and in rainforests there are many brightly coloured flowers. In rainy England many different varieties of roses have been grown. In Australia there are beautiful bush flowers like bottle brush, wattle and eucalypt flowers.

Flowers are also brilliant as they have the potential to appeal to most of the senses – smell, sight, touch and in some cases taste.

The smell of flowers is so nice that humans have been copying it for decades in perfumes or drying flowers and placing them in bowls or bags to hide bad smells.

Different flowers have different textures. There are the silk roses, the soft spikes of bottlebrushes and the fluff of wattle.

Flowers provide food for humans, animals and insects. Animals might eat the leaves, bud, petals or nectar or bees collect the pollen to create sweet honey (yummy for my tummy).

To me, sight is the favourite sense associated with a flower. The bright colours in one flower make it look beautiful whilst the pastels in another make it appear the most attractive. In Victorian England, flowers could be used to send messages, some of these messages are still being ‘sent’ today. For example roses symbolised love.

Sadly real flowers are only around for a time, just like people. We can value flowers but all too soon they wrinkle and die. However before they die they can do marvellous things. They can help feed an army or brighten up a person’s day. It draws a parallel to what you can do with the various gifts you have. You might help someone in need or brighten a friend’s day with something you have said. Tomorrow I’m going to try and brighten a day like flowers do to mine.


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