Photo taken by ThoughtStudent

Photo taken by ThoughtStudent

William Shakespeare is probably one of the most disliked authors among teenagers and adults yet there are a few people who love his work. His works are studied each year by thousands of people.

The Bard (technically it means poet and he was, with more than 150 poems that we know about), is another name for Shakespeare has written over 30 plays which we know of. On top of this he added hundreds of words to the English language! Some historians suggest other people may have written some of the plays we attribute to Shakespeare. But whoever he was, Shakespeare did well writing his plays which are still read and performed several centuries later.

I believe that Shakespeare should still be looked at today because meaning can still be learnt from his works. (I’m not saying that you should all go and copy Romeo and Juliet, look how that ended.)  We might learn how not to do things however on a more serious note we can discover more about the world. Shakespeare’s history plays teach us something about the past and for some people, their heritage. His tragedies show that life won’t always end happily. His comedies are great for a laugh and to relax with even when you don’t completely understand why there is a donkey onstage (as in A Midsummer Night’s Dream).

I have read it in various places and from my own experience believe it to be true, if you’re reading Shakespeare read it like a play. Ideally you’ll be in a group with some space and if you’re feeling comfortable you might even try acting it.

I think Shakespeare’s plays are interesting and can still be learnt from today if time is taken to read them.


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