An Open Letter to The ANZACs

Photo taken by ThoughtStudent

Photo taken by ThoughtStudent

Yesterday along with many others I participated in Remembrance Day. Here is my thank you to those who fought.


Dear ANZACs,

But not just those who fought under that banner, but all who served and fought so that I may have what I have today.

It is unlikely that I know you or that you know me. I don’t know what you went through so I could be free. I may never know what it cost many of you to lay down your lives for someone you would never meet.

On April 25 and November 11 each year, your service is remembered by many. The dawn of a war and its eve.

It is important that the next generation learns of what it cost for them to be free. The debt of freedom continues and will never be paid off. Many will continue to serve and some will die in order that we may experience freedom.

I would like to thank you for many things but here are five:

Attitude – many men and women volunteered to serve their country, they did it so that their children and grand-children who they may never have met could be free to live without fear.
Never Giving Up – for being willing to die. Although you could have ignored the call, you answered it and did not break the commitment you had made. Many died, yet now I live because they didn’t give up.
Zaniness – mainly this was the Australians, but thank you for doing crazy things (for the time) such as being friends with your commanders and laughing in the face of death. Thank you for being different to many other countries as this turned the tide of the war.
Accepting the Cost – many of those who fought knew how their lives would end – fighting for someone else’s freedom. Thank you that you accepted the cost and kept fighting as my current life depended on your sacrifice.
Courage – thank you many times over for doing the impossible. Even when it seemed like you would lose, you kept fighting against armies which had every advantage and in many cases won.

It would be impossible to count the cost you paid or the thanks you are owed. However I hope that this letter will help share with the world the debt we owe you.

Yours sincerely,

Thought Student


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