An Open Letter to My Primary School Teachers


To all the teachers who taught me throughout primary school,

I have not seen some of you in several years however you still remain an impact in my life. I will most likely not meet you again nor will you read this, but I hope that it will inspire other people. There are many things which you did for me which I am thankful for. If I could speak to each one of you for an hour to say hi and catch up with you, here are some of the things I’d say.

Bridging the distance – transitions between home and school can be challenging. Thankfully I didn’t really struggle with this. My teachers were sensational (in the best wayšŸ˜‹). They understood that life could be tough but also that learning was valuable. However they also took time out of learning so that I and the rest of my peers could have fun. I still remember some games which we played and some of the activities we were given.

Learning – my knowledge over the years of primary school grew greatly. Thank you for teaching me how the world works in a variety of creative ways. At the time I understood things better which has helped me throughout the rest of my life. Now I can sit and think about certain topics and instantly I’m transported back to a classroom with a younger me listening to what you were saying.

Broadening my interests – thank you for showing me that different varieties of mediums can be fun and teach you more about the same subject whether it involves reading, writing or crafting. I can still remember the various activities which we did, all in the name of learning. I suppose they worked too as I can still remember some the things which I was taught.

Guidance – school to me was so much more than simply learning. Whilst the teachers guided my academic learning, I also was comfortable talking to you about what I wanted to do. You guided me through various areas of life. I enjoyed talking about meaningless and meaningful things and hearing your thoughts on them.

Respect for Rules – this might seem funny when most of the messages society sends involve not following the rules. However even though it is counter-cultural I am grateful that I was taught that rules needed to be obeyed. I was taught this with kindness and I think having this instilled in me throughout primary school was a good thing. I would not trade it for the world as it has enabled me to learn so much more.

Sharing your lives – thank you for teaching me that you weren’t just a teacher. You were human too, with a life like me. You had family and friends of your own just like me. It might not have been part of the curriculum, but I think recognising your humanity helped me get that teachers aren’t just there for me, they do have other things which they could do.

Caring – one of the reasons I think I loved primary school so much was because the teachers talked to me, asked me about my life, remembered the little things and saw when I was hurting.

Giving me extension – I enjoyed being pushed throughout the whole year. I learnt a whole heap more than I would have otherwise. You didn’t just expect me and the rest of my class to do the basics, instead you sought more activities at different levels which we each could learn from. All of which fitted within the curriculum. Even today I still look forward to being stretched in whatever way it happens.

There are a million other people who I’d love to thank for my primary school education. From the grounds staff and cleaners who I never really appreciated and the volunteers at the canteen. There were casual staff who just went with the flow and the librarians and specialist teachers, each deserving a letter of their own. There would not be space enough here to say thank you to everyone who has helped shape me into who I am today but I am thankful that you did it to me and to many others.

Yours sincerely,

Thought Student


P.S. Nothing is an accident. I have thanked each of my teachers with their initial in the order I had them and the thing I am most thankful for from each of them. However each oneĀ applies to each one.


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