Today around America Thanksgiving will be celebrated in many homes. For many it will be a chance to catch up with family and maybe some friends, eat delicious food, continue family traditions, plan next year’s feast or cousin Margaret’s wedding which is next June. Maybe the meal will finish up with each person in turn saying something they’re thankful for.

One year when I celebrated Thanksgiving, the group of us made a wreath from paper leaves. On each leaf we wrote something we were thankful for. Whilst I’m not planning on making a ‘Wreath of Thankfulness’ this year, there are a dozen things which I am thankful for.

1. Family – and this is not because it’s obligatory. I am genuinely thankful for my family and all they have done for me throughout my life. Especially taking care of me.

2. Friends – even those who don’t read my blog.šŸ˜‹ Just kidding. I’m perfectly fine if you don’t want to read this. Mainly thanks for listening to me go on about various things and putting up with my eccentricities.

3. Internet – how else would I so easily satisfy my thirst for knowledge in 0.01 seconds? Actually that’s probably search engines but with no internet one could argue that there’d be no search engines.

4. Food – I live in a country where food is cheaply and plentifully available and I forget this a lot. Even when it is right in front of my nose . . . literally.

5. Democracy – that I live in a country where I can choose who I want to represent me and my interests best. I’m not forced to deal with having a bad ruler rule simply because they’re the heir to the throne.

6. Books – the ancient Romans really had a great idea. Something you can hold in your hand to read wherever you want, even in an armchair. Not spending hours getting a scroll tangled up on a table when what you really want to be doing is reading Pliny’s latest work.

7. Nature – it is really relaxing isn’t it, just staring at nature marvelling at creation and its intricacy? Even weeds can be quite pretty and flowers are incredibly fancy. (To read my earlier post on Flowers click here.)

8. People who are better than me – trust me. If my current art skills were the best in the world we would be laughing at stick-figures not marvelling at intricate paintings by Rembrandt and Monet.

9. Children – their energy is incredible. To think I once had the energy to run around all day making massive messes. Whilst I still make a mess, it isn’t to the same extent as I know I’ll have to clean it up at the end.

10. Imperfections – I imagine there would be a great struggle with being perfect. But because I’m not I recognise that I will make mistakes and that’s okay. (See A Broken Image for my further thoughts on this.)

11. Variety – as much as I like who I am and it would be cool if everyone was like me for a day, it would get really boring, really quickly. No longer could I have friendly discussions about why Maths is preferable to English or learn why certain people think a certain way and differently to me about a particular topic. Imagine if the world just had red roses . . . a) there’d be no yellow ones and b) there wouldn’t be babies-breath to arrange them with.

12. Written Languages – without them I could not read, write or learn so I am glad I can read, write and speak English even though it breaks so many rules.

If you are reading this I wonder if you agree with what I have said or if you’d add other things to my list. I’ve probably missed several key ones . . .


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  1. mukul chand says:

    Great Post, lovely picture.


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