The French Revolution and The French Financial Crisis

French Hotel and Flag

In my fourth post on the French Revolution I am discussing the French Financial Crisis as a cause of the French Revolution.

In France during the 1780s the French economy was becoming gradually poorer. There were poor harvests across the country which led to rising prices for basic foodstuffs such as wheat and bread. The French government had also been involved in the Seven Years War and the American Revolution in America against the British which further drained the resources of a government. The government was corrupted and the king and queen, Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were extravagant in spending money on frivolous pleasures such as gambling and dresses pushing the country further into debt. One solution at the time was to raise taxes, but to the starving peasants, having to be the only group of people to pay for the spending of a corrupted parliament and monarchy did not sit well.


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