City Lights

It is incredible how much society has changed. From living day by day with light from the sun to using fire to create torches and candles. Light was precious, limited by the time of day and the money which you had. But reading that list now, we laugh and think that it is ancient. Our lives are constantly filled with light when we live in a country with electricity. Whether it is the lights in our ceiling which mean we can work until midnight or the bedside lamps which mean we get lost in a book for hours when we only planned to stay for 15 minutes. Or perhaps the lights which flash constantly on devices, like the one I’m writing on.

Lights can prevent problems such as the ability to see your shoes so you don’t trip over them, but lights can also be distracting. They can make you feel like you are the worst or that you’re the best.

Pictures like the one above make me feel like, in the grand scheme of things, we really are insignificant. We might be trying to become significant by working longer and harder with more tools. Yet an image like this really shows that we are tiny.

It is possible that the photo above contains more than one million people. Yet I can’t see a single one. I can see what the place they live looks like thanks to illumination, but I can’t see them or their likes and dislikes.

If I lived there perhaps I’d be hiding away distracted by my own lights and wouldn’t often see past them into another person’s life. Perhaps one day their light would go off and I be left wondering why I never stopped, turned off my lights and began to connect with them in a way that suited them.

Over the next couple of days I’m hoping to connect better with people despite the lights which are constantly in my life.


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