New Year


It’s that time of year again isn’t it? The year is drawing to a close. By the time you read this there will either be mere hours left of 2015 or we will be into a new year, 2016, and all it will hold.

For me the year has flown past. Disappearing almost as quickly as fireworks. I have tried new things (like blogging regularly) and found them enjoyable and achievable (even when I had no idea what to write).

I believe it would be expected that I write my New Year’s Resolutions, but I haven’t thought that far yet.😄 I need time to sit and reflect on the year just past before I can plan out my next one. It won’t be a complete plan, just ways to improve from this year.

As the website address suggests, I consider myself a student and like everyone in the world, I am attending the school called ‘Life’. No one has a choice, about attending it, but they do choose how much they will get out of it. I am hoping to learn from my past year of ‘school lessons’ and implement them in the next year of my life. But I also will be happy if other people benefit from them.

I have been grateful for all the opportunities I have had this year and am looking forward to sitting down tomorrow and thinking about them as I plan out my goals for next year and look forward to the opportunities it may bring both to other people and myself.

Happy New Year!


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