I suppose it’s only fair that to balance out my earlier post on Letters, I ought to do a post on numbers. Maybe later I’ll do a post on symbols, but for now I think I will leave it as is and say I have covered the main forms of recording written English.

For many years numbers have fascinated me. I suppose more than just numbers, mathematics as a whole is incredible. Mankind’s ability to discover how big a circle is and the length of a side in a triangle without a ruler.

The ability to record numbers leads to the ability to solve many problems. We can discover how many sheep we would now have without having to go out and count the number you have each time. You count them once and write it down. Later you can add to it (for example during the lambing season) or take away from it (when you sell the sheep in drought).* 

Like letters, numbers can be combined to tell a story (often with a little help from letters). Behind every stroke you draw there is a story added to those already too numerous to ever be told in a single person’s life.

Numbers are often used as symbols for bigger issues which isn’t always apparent. This means I need to remember that numbers aren’t always as clear as they may seem and think about the stories each number represents.

*(Disclaimer: I am not a farmer, sorry if the sheep information is wrong. Thought Student)


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