The past week has been really busy for me so once again I’m rushing to meet my self-imposed deadline and thought it apt that I should write about rest. This topic has been milling around in my head for quite a while. To be fair I need to heed my own advice which follows as much as the next person reading this.

Rest in my opinion is one of the most important aspects in human life and something everyone should do. However like many of the important things in life which should be done, it often gets left behind in the busyness of everyday life. Sometimes it is accidental but other times it is deliberate.

Like many people I know, there is lots of pressure to give up rest and work long hours in order to get rich/pay off debt/finish the set task. Rest is valued at times, for example during a holiday, but often we end up working through these periods. However without rest we can no longer do the things we have said we will do to the best of our ability.

We often make time to do the things we find enjoyable and then feel guilty about resting. Rather than feeling guilty about resting it is important to remember that rest is important and we should feel guilty when we don’t take the time to slow down step back and not worry about anything, taking a break from the current situation even if it’s only for half-an-hour.

One day I’ll try and get back with more thoughts on rest but this is all for now. Maybe I should go and take my own time of rest now that I’m done writing. I’m happy to hear anyone else’s thoughts on the importance or unimportance of rest if you think I’m completely wrong or completely right.


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