The Internet and Privacy


Before I go any further than the title into this topic I need to state a few things.

  1. I am only talking from personal experience I have done no formal study in this area.
  2. My actions online might be completely different to yours and I’m not saying I’m right (in fact I’m probably wrong).
  3. I do find the internet incredibly useful and I am not anti-internet nor am I saying you shouldn’t use it.


Over the past two or three years I have begun to realise how powerful the internet is and all the information it contains. I have also become (in my opinion) faster at using various techniques to find the information that I need. I am indeed a ‘lover of learning’ as my tagline says and so someone flicking through my search history would find questions about many things such as “How is Charles II related to the Tudors?” or “How do waves work?” to name a select few. But this thirst for information and its ease of accessibility can lead to a sense of entitlement regarding information.

I was reflecting several months ago on how quickly I can access the age and birthday of the queen or my latest favourite personality. Yet at the same time it is not so easy to find the birthday of my family and friends (for the ones I occasionally forget . . .). Yet what gives me the right to know everything about these famous people? Some might say that because they’re famous it’s okay knowing some things about them such as their age and birthday. But not everyone has a choice of becoming famous. Most royals are born into a family and they have little to no say in the information which is shared simply because of who their parents are.

It’s generally seen as a big no-no to know the birthdays, ages and children of people who aren’t your friends but when that person is a celebrity, those rules seem to be thrown out the window. Every second person seems impatient to find the latest detail about their favourite celebrity. Yet celebrities are still people who still should have a right to some privacy.

Maybe next time before you run a search think about why you’re doing it. Do I really need to know the [insert topic here] of [insert person here]? Maybe you’ll find ‘Yes, I do.’ Or maybe you might think ‘No, I don’t. They’re a person like me and I can give them a little bit of privacy.’

Maybe I’ve been too over the top in what I’ve said and if that’s your opinion then, for you, I probably have. But for me, writing this article has made me wonder whether I can decrease my search history by giving some people privacy and not searching for information about their lives which is irrelevant to my life.


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