You know how you can walk into some places and it feels like you’ve come home? It might be a restaurant, it might be a school, it might be your best friend’s house. You walk in there and you just pick up where you left off. The appearance might have changed, it might be pink instead of grey, but the very thing which makes it a home is still there.

Over the past months I have been to several of these places which when I walk in I feel like I’ve come home. The thought of coming home at last has been among my thoughts as I walk through each place, older and a little bit wiser than when I was last there, but with a smile on my face which demonstrates the joy of being back there.

This made me think about what a home actually is. Typically a home is identified as the place where you live, it has a roof, door and multiple rooms for various purposes. Yet most of these places did not have these things. So why did I feel instantly that I had come home?

I think in part the good memories I had of the place helped it earn the title of ‘Home’. Without memories what could be a home simply becomes a place. When good memories start accumulating then that place begins to become a home to you even if no one else agrees with you.

Another factor in what makes a home is how much it has shaped you. You go back and remember what you were once like and what the circumstances and everyone did all contributed to who you are today even though you didn’t realise it at the time.

‘Home’ refers to more than a house. It is about the memories and events which happened there and helped make you into you.


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