Ants and I have a love-hate relationship. Well actually it is more of an amazement of how they can sense whenever I leave food out and hate that they consider my food to belong to them when in reality I either forgot about it or was saving it for a later date.

They are some of the smallest creatures I have ever seen and have great determination. They can lift items which weigh multiple times their own body weight and transport it (proportionately) long distances. If necessary they will often find some other way back home, travelling around the obstacles which appear unexpectedly in their way.

Despite their smallness they keep going determined to complete their task despite the obstacles which massively dwarf them when they appear. Unlike the ant, when I see problems which appear much bigger than me, I’m often tempted to stop and give up. If I followed an ant’s advice rather than stopping, I’d keep going, finding new ways around the problem and finishing the task I was set.


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