Why History is so Disliked


In case you haven’t gathered from reading this blog, I’m interested in history and like it . . . a lot. So I am often surprised when I hear someone say something along the lines of “I don’t like history” The first time I heard this it came as a little bit of a shock. Who wouldn’t like history? It has people and places like there is now the only difference is they’re older.

I think that is one of the reasons why history is so disliked. Little value is placed on what has happened in the past so little value is placed on history as it seems irrelevant to the life you are living. But when you take the time to look deeper into history you can see parallels between your life and lives from decades, centuries or millennia ago.

History is often disliked because it is perceived as “boring” (which as it is a matter of taste there is little that I can do to change that). But history is much broader than what you are exposed to, so if you currently dislike history and are willing to give it  a second shot, try a period or place you haven’t looked at before and see if that will show you why history is enjoyable to many, many people.

So maybe you dislike history because you see it as irrelevant or boring or maybe there is another reason which I haven’t thought of. But maybe after reading this you might decide to give history another chance and discover that it really isn’t as bad as you thought it was.


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