Why History Should Be Taught

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Last week I wrote about why I think history is disliked. Just to make it clear, I am not against history. I thoroughly support the study of history and to add some balance, this week I am talking about why history should be taught even though it is often disliked.

Winston Churchill once said “Those that fail to learn from history, are doomed to repeat it.” If people do not remember the impact which the various events of history such as wars had on the population, we have failed to learn from history and will repeat it. Teaching history is important as it brings to the forefronts of people’s minds the history which occurred so that lessons may be learnt from it.

History should be taught not just so that lessons can be learnt but also so that people can see the changes which have taken place over the centuries. Some of these changes were for the better and others were for the worse (depending on your opinion). But teaching people about the changes in the past can help them understand why you can be grateful for being born in this century but also that there has never really been a perfect time to be alive. With each era having something which rescues and condemns it.

History is often seen as something which happened in the past, hundreds if not thousands of years ago. But many people don’t realise that everything which happens in the next minute will be history in two minutes. Events which happened when you were in primary school can be in the syllabus before you have finished high school. Realising that history is an ongoing process might encourage people to look into it more.

History is an important aspect of life which should be taught to everyone so they can learn lessons from the past, see changes over time and realise that today’s actions influence tomorrow’s history.


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