Peace and Quiet


For most of my life my volume preferences have made me an outlier in my own age group. I would choose to have my music at a sound level equivalent to an “inside” voice rather than a rock concert. I would prefer silence to everyone talking.

Yet if there was too much silence I would go a little bit crazy. I would start playing music loudly in order to destroy the silence which I was usually so desperate to find.

My ideal working environment is one with limited noise. Often by myself with the buzz of electronics or fans. Yet some people I know could not work like this. They need more noise in order to create more productivity. And at times I envy them. They are able to work in places which I think would be cool to work in but never do because I wouldn’t cope well with the noise.

And that is perfectly okay. We are all different. I might need peace and quiet but you need noise and riot to work. In the future I might need more noise and you might need more quiet and that’s okay. Working together can help ensure that everyone gets the things that they need to do their best.


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