I Don’t Have All the Answers


Image by ThoughtStudent of original artwork.

“I don’t have all the answers” might seem like a strange thing to say but it’s true I don’t. It took me many more years to admit this than it should have and there are still times when I struggle with the fact that I do not know everything and can’t answer every question which is thrown at me.

I’m sure that there were times in my past when I said that I knew everything. And there were probably times when I thought that I did (which I clearly don’t think that any more or I wouldn’t be writing this). But at others when I said I knew everything it wasn’t always because I thought that I did instead my words stemmed from a desire to make myself look good.

But as I’ve grown older I’ve agreed with Einstein and what he says “The more I learn, the more I realise how much I don’t know.” And I am mostly fine with admitting that. But still there are times when the words “I don’t know” will not come out of my mouth. When these words don’t want to come out of my mouth it is usually because I’m ashamed of not knowing the answer. I need to remember that it is okay not to know the answers to everything and to willing admit the words “I don’t know”. It’s going to take some practise but maybe one day I’ll be able to say “I honestly have no idea” if you ask me a question even if it’s one which should only require a simple answer.


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