Although it hasn’t started yet, soon some of the leaves in my street are going to begin to change colour. I don’t know why it happens and for now I’m okay with that. The leaves which at the moment are green and full of life will not always be this way.

Those that can will change colour into beautiful reds, oranges and yellow that I would love to capture with paint if I had enough skill. Then they will fall, be raked into piles and jumped in with the screams of joy which must accompany this activity.

The leaves which are on the trees now won’t be there forever. And I won’t be here forever either. One day I’ll be wrinkled like the leaves in this picture. Whilst it might seem hard to believe now, one day I will be dead. There are times when I struggle with my mortality but then there are times when I am grateful for it, knowing that I won’t be in this imperfect place forever.


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