Stopping and Going


After last week’s post, Stopping, I suppose I should do a follow up on how that went.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Easter break and I hope that others did too if they had taken the time out of their lives. The first day and a bit was hard. I had restricted myself from doing my normal tasks in order to concentrate on taking a break. I was still busy with things which I thoroughly enjoyed but they were a different and refreshing kind of busyness than that of my ‘everyday’ life.

But by Saturday I was enjoying the time to relax and on Tuesday, when I went back to ‘normal’ life, I was a little sad it had gone so quickly. Which is slightly ironic isn’t it, that even doing little my life still flew past?

Even though when I went back to everyday life after the weekend I needed to run a little bit to catch up, now I seem like I’m back on track. Stopping for those four days didn’t ruin my life and I’ll definitely do it again sometime.

But the act of ‘stopping’ even for such short time taught me that it is okay to stop, the world won’t crash and burn without me being available twenty-four/seven and that it is enjoyable to do something just because you can, not because you have to.


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