Grumbling and Thankfulness

Thank You

Thankfulness does not come easy to me. This statement might sound like a surprise to those of you who don’t really know me and have just seen my blog posts on what I’m thankful for but I don’t recall ever blogging about my grumbling. (If I have, please correct me.)

Over the past couple of months I have realised that I complain a lot and often about the little things. My life is pretty good, I eat three meals a day, yet you will rarely hear me being thankful about that. Instead you will probably hear me talk about how I only got a salad because they were out of hot chips. It’s not that I don’t like salad, in fact sometimes all I want is salad. In that scenario I didn’t want salad because I’d been hoping to get something which I perceived to be better and now I felt I had been handed the short straw.

And having written that, I’m starting to understand more of why I grumble. We all want our lives to be perfect (although we differ on what perfection looks like) and have expectations of how to achieve perfection. But then life happens and what we expected to happen doesn’t. Then when we share our experiences with others, we want to make them feel sorry for us so we don’t highlight the good things (like I got to eat) instead we harp on about the negatives (I didn’t get chips).

Apparently “practice makes perfect” so if I begin trying to be thankful for the little things now and begin to be conscious of (and maybe even stop😯) my grumbling, perhaps, in a few years, I’ll be a nicer person to be around. I’ll probably won’t ever quit grumbling (regardless of how much I try) nor will I be constantly thankful but maybe I’ll say thank you for the salad that you brought me because you went out of your way to do so and not go and grumble about how I didn’t get those chips.


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