Being Included


I think that deep down, at some stage, in each person’s life they will feel a need to be included. Despite being a self-proclaimed introvert who values the time which I can spend alone, there are times when I feel the need to be included.

This inclusion often takes the form of conversations or group activities and I don’t mind being included in this way. In fact I usually enjoy spending time with people.

However life is a balancing act. And for me, balancing life means making sure I have time with other people but also time alone so that I can enjoy all the other aspects of life which mean I will be around other people. Some days I’ll avoid people during lunch breaks and go for a walk by myself instead.

So the next time I need time to be alone, it’s not because you’ve done something wrong. It’s simply that I need time to recharge, alone. And because I’ve chosen to alone for some time doesn’t mean that it will always my preference. I still want to be included in what you are doing but after I have had some time alone.

Disclaimer: My “introvertness” doesn’t make me no longer your friend and I’m always happy to talk when it is necessary. My “introvertness” just changes the way I relate to people and each person relates differently.


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2 Responses to Being Included

  1. You are right…life is definitely a balancing act. Keep at it. Alone time is good. But I guess we are social creatures too.

    Would love to have you follow our blog and offer your insights on the latest post :


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