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Upon reading the title I’m guessing that 90% of first thoughts can be divided into two camps. The first camp probably thought “Oh poor thing, who would ever want to be alone?” But then there is a second camp, those who thought “Oh bliss to be alone.”

As I wrote in last week’s post I believe that to some extent everyone needs to be included, but for me and many others there is also a need to be isolated.

I remember the first time I told someone that I didn’t see isolation as always being a bad thing. I did get a strange look but just shrugged it off, recognising that I’m one strange human being.

But as I thought about it more, I began to realise that isolation has a reputation in society as being a negative thing. When I try and think of an image to match isolation, I think of a person curled up in a dark room. Yet for me isolation can be like a girl dancing in a field of flowers on a sunny day. Isolation is a terrible thing for many people and I’m trying not to diminish this fact. However if there are times when you are craving isolation, you are not alone.

Isolation is an important part of each day for me where I take time alone with my thoughts to process what has happened each day. And I enjoy being alone and the peace and quietness that comes with it. However after reading that some of you might be shaking your heads thinking “I need people and noise to process.” And that just means that you’re different to me.

Isolation is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact for me it’s positive but I guess that’s because I know that whilst I need to be isolated, I know that I have friends who will support me in the times when I need socialisation. But until that time comes, I’m content to delight in my isolation even if I’m alone in that enjoyment.


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