Paint Palette

Whilst I can still find beauty in things made from black and white, the second that there is lots of colour, there is something in me which gets a little bit excited. From the pink flower against the trees, to the murals painted around cities which I visit, to the sunrises and sunsets which begin and conclude each day.

For many years it has fascinated me how from three colours (and with a little bit of white or black) you can create any colour of the rainbow (and a few that aren’t as far as we can see).

With these colours artists manage to capture real life, places and memories. And I stand awed at their ability to recreate the things I see. And it takes quite a bit of skill, I know, I’ve tried. Trying to copy a still life with accuracy involves more than just the one colour which we see make up the object. There are subtle changes which you don’t always notice until you begin to look closely.

But then that is true of many things, you miss the bear in the road safety video, you miss the baby bird in the nest and you miss the marvellous artwork which is in front of your eyes every day if you aren’t looking closely.


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