Life is a Puzzle

Life is a puzzle made up of thousands of bits. It’s an old puzzle so you think you might be missing bits, but you cannot be sure. The picture on the box has been damaged by years and children so only part of the picture remains. When you ask people about the puzzle should look, they remember parts but not all of it. Yet you keep being told if you keep working, one day you’ll finish it even though it sometimes seems you might not.

There are many pieces of my life which I take for granted and will continue to take for granted until the time when they don’t work. If I began a list it would go something like running water, doonas in winter, food every day, car/public transport, working limbs, fingers and toes, the ability to see, being able to write, the list goes on and on. If I was completely honest my list wouldn’t even scratch the surface of things I take for granted, forgetting about my need for them.

And then sometimes, even if it’s just for a few days, one of these pieces can go missing. Like the times I’ve needed crutches. You don’t think that much of having two legs and two arms but when they’re injured or aching and you can’t use them, then you realise that they actually did serve some purpose.

So yes, life is a puzzle and it will take time to complete. There might be pieces which appear to be missing but one day they’ll be found or you’ll make a new one to replace it. You might not want to complete it all by yourself but other people are there to help and maybe you’ll help others with their own puzzles.

Life is an experience made up of millions of pieces which don’t always seem connected until you look back. Enjoy it and maybe help others enjoy it a little too.


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