Life is an Ocean

Ocean and Dolphins

Life is an ocean. Full of unexplored places. It is vast and deep when you look at it from above but up close, you can see beauty. There is the myriad of colours around you both in the water and from what grows there. You won’t ever be able to see all there is to see but the little bit which you can see stuns you.

The weather won’t always be perfect but the imperfectness won’t last forever. Perhaps you will find beauty within the storm in the midst of it or maybe it won’t be until a long time after. Or perhaps the beauty won’t be from the storm itself but from what the storm could make.

The world, particularly the ocean is full of thousands of organisms. From those which are microscopic to those which are gigantic. They might be like plants or more like animals yet together they create an incredible world which is constantly marvelled at. Working together is a way in which incredible things can happen.

Like oceans, life can be dangerous. If you are prepared it is safer but there are still risks. There might be times when you feel like you are drowning and when that happens it’s okay to ask for help. You might have tried to help yourself and failed or maybe you haven’t, knowing that trying would put you in further danger. That’s okay, when you call out for help that can help make people aware of the problem.

So life is like an ocean. Yes there are hard parts, but when life gets hard it’s okay to ask for help. And if you don’t need help at this point, listen out for others who might be calling no matter how faint the call might seem.


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