Life is a Song


Singing is something which everyone does from a young age. And something which I enjoyed too. I’m not saying that I was any good but I did enjoy singing when I got the chance. But the freedom to sing openly begins to decline the older one gets.

Songs are a way in which people share the stories of their lives. The good and the bad. The exciting and the mundane. The highlights and the lowlights. And this makes songs a reflection of life.

Songs can be long or short and regardless of their length can make an impact. And songs are remembered for years. Each song has something which is unique about it and reflects something about the culture which has made it. Every life is unique and whether short or long, it can have an impact.

Songs are made up of many parts some which are repetitive and those which just occur once. Just like life. There are things which keep on happening and never seem to change and then there are the once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that you look forward to and cherish forever.

Songs are about the good things of life but they aren’t always. There are many songs about the problems of life. And some songs which seem to be about happiness are actually kind of sad (nursery rhymes such as Humpty Dumpty and Ring-a-ring of Rosies (said to be about the Black Death)). And such is life. There are happy parts and sad parts and parts which are a mixture of both.

Life is a song. You might not know all the words all the time, but have fun singing it even in the tough times and enjoy hearing other songs too.


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