Life is a Journey


This is probably the statement in my series of “Life is a . . .” posts which would be the most agreed upon. “Yep, life is a journey, tell me something I don’t know. I’ve known that since I was a teenager.” Could be some of the thoughts in your head.

Yet I find myself constantly forgetting that. Yes, I know in my head that life is a journey yet my actions don’t always show that. We know that journeys take time even though we wish they’d be over quickly. We know that we’re heading for a destination which we are sure will be spectacular. We put up with the discomfort of travel to see that place half-way across the country.

But when it comes to journeying through life we often aren’t ready to put up with the discomfort. We want to get ahead in life and be successful but forget that it is hard to be successful. I’m happy to work but at the moment I am constantly being reminded that it will be hard work if I want to do well. And that is something I need reminding of. The easy way out, just doing the bare minimum often seems enough to get me there until I have that wakeup call that I should do a bit more.

Journeys are not something which you can really be half-hearted about. They take effort and planning even if the planning is simply your destination. And life needs effort and planning generally helps too (even if it is a stage by stage plan, it doesn’t mean every second of your life needs to be planned).

Life is a once-in-a-lifetime journey, literally. It won’t all come together at once and will take effort but then all journeys are the same.


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