The Anonymity of Writing


The kind of writing I do is somewhat anonymous, not all writing is but this week I’m just talking about my experience.

Writing is a powerful tool which can shape the world both for good and evil. Throughout the ages writing has shaped cultures yet for most of that time writing was attributed to an author, generally one with qualifications in the area which they were talking about. Yet with the rise of the internet, everyone can be an expert. They can hide behind a person which they’ve created whether it is fully, partly or not at all truthful. And very few times will they ever be called into account.

And in some ways this makes writing even more dangerous. When people can write without fear of being known things can be said which would otherwise be unsaid. Yes, they can be bad, but for me writing and having made a decision to write under a pseudonym gives me courage. (However whilst writing under a pseudonym I have made a conscious decision to avoid writing anything which I wouldn’t be happy to put my name to in 10 years.)

It gives me courage to say the things I’m thinking but am too afraid to say out loud because I might be seen as crazy. But somehow when I’m writing, I can think about what I want to say and it doesn’t always seem that crazy. I can write the words which would encourage me and maybe others too, which wouldn’t be said any other way.

So whilst my writing is anonymous I am grateful for the opportunities it gives me to say the words I would otherwise be unlikely to say. But with great opportunities come great responsibilities. The responsibility to consider the words I write because until my name is attached I will think little of the consequences that my words will have.


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