Time Flies


The world is getting faster. Or is it? Is it merely our perception of time that is changing? A day is merely a drop in the bucket when we become adults whereas when we were children, a single day filled a whole bucket. Have our buckets grown bigger or have we just gotten better at filling them?

Have our lives become so busy that we never have a chance to stop? Or is it that as we get older and begin realising that every moment is precious suddenly we are unable to make time go slowly?

I guess I’m in a questioning mood this week and asking questions which are unanswerable. It doesn’t help that the days of which I want to remember every second fly by whenever I stop to breathe. I want the time to smell the flowers yet it seems that before I can smell them they have withered.

Ever since I was young I’ve thought time got faster every year. But as I’ve realised time flies, I want to remember it more. I try and keep track of everything which happens but slowly and surely I forget little things.

The short time I have is flying by and appearing to get faster with every second. I have to choose wisely what I do because it will be over all too soon. I don’t want to be filling a bucket with moments I regret, but if I spend all my life avoiding potential regrets I’ll have no experiences. I need to stop at times but remember to keep going because every single moment I experience will be a memory I’ll have to look back on in the future.

The little and the big things all combine to create my time on earth. Even though it will fly, I’m glad for every microsecond I get.


About Thought Student

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