That Crowded Feeling

People on Train

Do you ever get that feeling that you’re trapped in a crowd? As though there is a group of people who want you to do one thing and you are being dragged along with them, yet you haven’t actually had a chance to think about why you are actually there and whether this is something you want to do.

It’s happened to me a few times, but generally I’m one of those people who is prepared to stop the entire crowd to think and decide if I should get out of the crowd and find something else to do. But what about the people who can’t do that? Or the people like me who occasionally get caught in the crowd and become a willing participant, not realising that instead of a group of people voluntarily seeking the same objective it is a group of people persuaded to seek out an objective which, without the emotion that comes from being part of a group, would not be something they’d ordinarily seek.

As inspiring as it can be to be part of a group all working together for a common goal, I’m constantly remembering to step back and think ‘Is this something I want, or am I just doing it to fit in?’ It can be hard to not conform to the expectations but making conscious decisions about my choices has helped me feel better in the long run.

We’re being constantly pulled in different directions by crowds, so let’s just take a moment when we’re feeling crowded to think about what we’re doing and whether that’s something we honestly want to do.


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