Small Things

Ladybird on Leaf

Someone once told me “small things amuse small minds”. Given that at the time I was undertaking the activity which caused them to make this comment, I wasn’t too impressed with the comparison but I couldn’t think how to respond. It wasn’t until later as I recounted the event to another person that they gave me a response which I still think about. “But it takes a great mind to find pleasure in the little things not just in the complex things.”

And the further I get in life the more this seems to be true. The more complex the things I learn become, the more I can take pleasure in the little things. I have seen some of the smartest people I know take great delight in the way two things could balance or spin whilst I’ve begun to appreciate time in my day where I can stop and socialise and appreciate the friends in my life.

So whilst I often forget them, I love small things and that doesn’t make my mind any smaller, it just means I’ve learnt from the big things that I should take pleasure in the small things around me.


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