Girl Jumping

We all have those things in our lives which we get excited about. Some days it’s the big things which excite us, like big travel plans to the other side of the world, whilst at other times it’s the little things like the fact that the sun is shining or a flower has decided to bloom.

As exciting as the big things are and you can’t contain yourself, you just want to spread the news as far and as wide as you can, I get excited about the little things too. But I don’t get excited about the little things in the same way I get excited about the big things.

But maybe I should. Big things worthy of excitement are made up of many little things worthy of excitement.
So take a moment to notice the little things. Get excited and maybe excitement over little things will help you to enjoy life a little more.


P.S. The big things are worth getting excited about too, but the little things are always around whereas the “big things” don’t come everyday.


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A lover of learning who blogs about history, life and opinions at thoughtstudent.wordpress.com
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